Marine Renewable Energy Support

Seaforth is dedicated to the environment and takes great measures to ensure its practices minimize impacts and promote sustainability and environmental protection. Keeping to this philosophy, Seaforth supports renewable energy related projects, including but not limited to:



Renewable Energy Projects:

Nova Scotia: Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy and Black Rock Tidal Power

Seaforth supports the activities of the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) through high resolution bathymetric and geophysical data acquisition, interpretation and assessment. Seaforth also provides precise navigation and positioning to FORCE for the installation and micro-siting of TISEC devices and associated marine infrastructure on the seafloor, including the deployment of four power cables in fall 2014. In addition, Seaforth manages the FORCE data repository of all data related to the demonstration site.

As a partner of local tidal energy developer Black Rock Tidal Power, Seaforth provides services in micro-site characterization at BRTP’s berth at FORCE. Seaforth’s unique experience with survey operations in high-energy environments enables us to obtain high-resolution data sets with the detailed coverage required for device development.