Ocean Mapping

Ungava Bay Multibeam Bathymetry Survey

The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) contracted Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. in for the provision of multibeam bathymetry surveys of a selection of corridors throughout Ungava Bay, QC.  Survey data […]

Northumberland Strait Multibeam Bathymetry Survey

From August to December of 2018, Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. was contracted by Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) to conduct multibeam bathymetric surveys of pre-selected sites throughout Northumberland […]

Ocean Tracking Network Glider Search

In November of 2019, Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. was contracted by the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN), a  global aquatic animal tracking, data management, and partnership platform based […]

Petitcodiac River Monitoring Program

Between 2009 and 2015, Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. was contracted by GEMTEC Ltd. for the provision of multibeam echosounder, subbottom profiler, sediment and water sample collection […]

Benthic Habitat Mapping, Laurentian Channel

Earlier this month, Seaforth completed a high-resolution multibeam and sub-bottom profile survey of the St. Anns Bank & Laurentian Channel for the Department of Fisheries […]

Nova Scotia: Defined by the Sea

Government report on how Nova Scotia is leading the Ocean Technology sector The Nova Scotian provincial government’s jobsHere program has put together a great report […]