Precise Navigation

Seaforth has extensive experience with the installation and operation of navigation and positioning system(s) for vessel operations. These operations include:

Seaforth utilises a comprehensive integrated navigation system (INS) which provides a common base for all vessel mounted equipment and remote vessel(s). The INS allows integration with Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems, USBL arrays and deployed marine equipment (ROV, divers, geophysical & geotechnical equipment); providing offsets and corrected vessel positions in real time.

Beaufort Sea Navigation

Navigation and Positioning Projects:

Mackenzie Delta, Beaufort Sea: SDC Platform Deployment

Platform deployment of the Steel Drilling Caisson (SDC) on the Mackenzie Delta, Beaufort Sea. Seaforth relocated the SDC to a storage site at Roland Bay.

Scotian Shelf, NS: Rowan Gorilla III & V Well Location Survey

Seaforth conducted well location surveys for the exploration well sites Panuke H-08 and Panuke M-79, Scotian Shelf, Nova Scotia.

Saint John-Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy: Power Cable Lay Barge Trails

Seaforth provided wireless networked precision navigation between four tugboats used to maneuver a cable lay barge in Saint John, NB., these trials were in preparation for deployment of a offshore power cable in the FORCE tidal turbine demonstration area at Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy, NS.