Ocean Mapping Services

Integrated ocean mapping encompasses multiple facets of the marine environment including the physical (high resolution bathymetry), biological, geological, chemical and archaeological to comprehensively characterize the marine environment. Integrated ocean mapping data satisfies the critical need for:

Comprehensive integrated ocean mapping vessels commonly consist of sonar technology for bathymetry and benthic habitat characterization, mid-water multibeam for pelagic resource mapping, and low frequency towed source survey for geological mapping.

Using the latest industry technology, our ocean mapping service capabilities are extensive. Seaforth provides the following general ocean mapping services:

Empress of Ireland

Ocean Mapping Projects:

Ungava Bay Multibeam Bathymetry Survey

Northumberland Strait Multibeam Bathymetry Survey

Ocean Tracking Network Glider Search

Petitcodiac River Monitoring Program

Seafloor Mapping and Seep Sampling Program

“Shag Harbour Rip” Ocean Mysteries TV Filming