— Cable Route

Data Cable Position Assessment Survey

In March of 2014, Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) contracted Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. for the provision of a marine survey to assess the […]

MAIN ONE and BT NORTH Cable System Survey

In 2019, with the assistance of Seaforth Geosurveys, Maritech International completed four marine route surveys onboard the R/V Med Surveyor.  Included in the projects were […]

Cable Route Survey from Uruguay to Argentina

In 2010, Seaforth Geosurveys Inc. was contracted by International Telecom for the provision of a submarine cable route survey between Maldonado, Uruguay and Las Toninas, […]

Fundy Isles Cable Replacement Project

Between July and August of 2019, DeepOcean UK Ltd. contracted Dominion Diving Ltd. to survey and provide verification of a proposed marine geophysical route for […]

PRAT Cable System Survey

In June 2019, Seaforth Geosurveys personnel joined IT Telecom to conduct a survey of the planned PRAT submarine cable system between the Chilean cities of […]

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