Nova Scotia: Defined by the Sea

Government report on how Nova Scotia is leading the Ocean Technology sector

The Nova Scotian provincial government’s jobsHere program has put together a great report about the marine technologies economy and it’s benefits to the province — and the report mentions Seaforth by name as an example of a successful local Marine Geomatics company.

“Marine geomatics companies develop innovative technologies that gather, analyse, and interpret geographic information that can be used in surveying or mapping the ocean floor. Marine geomatics can be used for any number of applications such as seismic surveys to identify sub-sea energy resources or hydrographical mapping to create nautical charts.

Over the past decade, Nova Scotia’s geomatics companies have consistently posted profit margins above the Canadian average in this sub-sector. Aside from its contribution to the offshore energy market, ocean surveying and mapping have also become increasingly important tools in understanding climate change and determining issues like Arctic sovereignty.”