Dalhousie University – Marine & Environmental Law Institute

In recent years Seaforth and the Dalhousie University Marine and Environmental Law Institute (MELAW) have cooperated successfully on Law of the Sea projects for various clients including the governments of Nigeria and Pakistan, and have now developed a framework agreement to strengthen their collaboration and to provide a mechanism for the undertaking of future cooperative activities.

In this partnership, Seaforth offers its consulting engineering services and specialization in the development and implementation of innovative marine geomatics engineering services, with a focus on surveys, consultancy and capacity-building related to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). MELAW, recognized globally for excellence in marine and environmental law teaching, research and capacity-building, provides advisory services to agencies of the United Nations and regional organizations as well as assistance to government departments and non-governmental organizations in Canada and internationally.

Dalhousie University

Seaward Engineering & Research Ltd. – Vancouver BC

Seaforth and Seaward Engineering & Research Ltd (Seaward) have a cooperative understanding for the sharing of resources, providing Seaforth with vessel support and engineering services on the Canadian west coast. Seaforth and Seaward also collaborate on projects of mutual interest with a focus on West coast and western Arctic opportunities.

Techno Dive – Montevideo, Uruguay

Seaforth has established a collaborative working partnership with Techno Dive on projects in Uruguay and South America. Techno Dive is a privately owned diving and salvage company that has been providing underwater services and operating vessels for maritime industry since 1987. This unique relationship provides Seaforth with marine operations and vessel support from Techno Dive, as well as a well established network for the promotion of Seaforth’s capabilities to the South America market. Working collaboratively on several multi-million dollar marine geophysical and geotechnical contracts in the Uruguay region has enabled us to leverage each company’s capabilities, enhancing and diversifying the range of services we can offer to potential clients.

Techno Dive

Ocean Frontier Institute

In 2016, Seaforth Geosurveys supported the creation of the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), an international hub for ocean science that brings together elite researchers and institutes to understand our changing ocean and create safe, sustainable solutions for ocean development. A historic partnership led by Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Prince Edward Island, OFI is supported by a $94 million grant from the Government of Canada through its Canada First Research Excellence Fund and $125 million leveraged from private and public-sector partners in Canada and internationally. As a designated industry partner, Seaforth will have a direct benefit from the OFI in terms of integration of the knowledge and technological innovations and commercial opportunities resulting from OFI support. In turn, Seaforth is well placed to provide infrastructure and operational support to OFI initiatives and to participate in technology development and implementation.

In recent news, Seaforth has been selected as a partner to support the OFI funded research project SOURCE – Offshore Groundwater Resources in a Changing Marine Environment: Continental Shelf Surrounding PEI.

Ocean Frontier Institute