Seaforth participates in Pakistan Phase II Maritime Boundary Consultancy

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

Seaforth Engineering Group Inc. was contracted by GEMS (Geophysical Engineering & Marine Surveys) to provide Maritime Boundary consultancy for their UNCLOS seismic reflection survey for the National Oceanographic Institute of Pakistan (NOIP). Seaforth deployed both a geophysicist and a hydrographer on board the MV Geo Searcher (owned by SCAN Geophysical ASA, Norway). Seaforth was responsible for providing scientific advice on the analysis of the seismic survey in support of the Submission to be made by Pakistan to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (UNCLCS).

Seaforth has had considerable experience in providing UNCLOS consultancy on all three phases of a submission process. This includes the desktop study phase, the data acquisition and analysis phase, and the final submission phase. For this particular operation the on-board element of the Seaforth activity was to provide advice and guidance for the successful conduct of the survey. The survey included several weeks of data acquisition followed by a post cruise process.

The post cruise consultation conducted by Seaforth is intended to ensure that NIOP has a clearly documented report of the rationale for the data collected and recommendations as to how the available data (those compiled prior to the cruise and supplemented by those collected during the cruise) might be used by Pakistan while preparing the Submission.