Seaforth Geosurveys acquires dedicated survey vessel

Originally published in Offshore Shipping Online on April 6, 2010. Republished with permission.

Seaforth Geosurveys has announced the signing of a long term exclusive charter agreement for the research vessel RV Coriolis II. The 50m former Canadian Coast Guard vessel has been operated by Reformar Inc of Rimouski, Quebec since 2002.

Under the agreement, Reformar will manage the vessel and fulfill the ship’s primary function of academic research and training, and Seaforth will utilize the vessel for its worldwide marine survey operations.

RV Coriolis II

The ship, which is ISM/ISPS certified for operations in both domestic and international waters, is currently being mobilized in Quebec City with various geophysical sensors including multibeam bathymetry, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, USBL, multi-channel seismic data acquisition and processing systems, and geotechnical sampling equipment.

The vessel is also being configured for DP operation, providing excellent station keeping for geotechnical operations and as an ROV support platform.

Coriolis II will operate out of Halifax, Nova Scotia to support Seaforth’s domestic and international hydrographic and geophysical survey initiatives.

“We are very excited about the opportunity presented with this partnership with Reformar”, stated Seaforth President David Lombardi. “The long term commitment to Coriolis IIprovides the catalyst for our continued growth and dramatically increases our capabilities and our ability to respond to our client’s needs.”

In addition, Seaforth has initiated a collaborative research and development agreement with Reformar.

Utilizing Coriolis II as the focus, this team will embark on the development and testing of innovative geophysical methods and applications, creating a bridge between the academic research and commercial marine survey sectors.

“Reformar are extremely optimistic about the future potential of our relationship with Seaforth Geosurveys”, said Reformar President Serge Demers. “Not only is the long term sustainability of the ship as a research platform confirmed”, continued Mr Demers, “the opportunities presented by the partnership with this dynamic and innovative company will enable Reformar to develop the in-house expertise in geophysical applications to significantly enhance our support of the University research community”.

It is expected that Coriolis II will be ready to sail on its first project under this agreement by mid-April.